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Get Involved with RHA

As an on-campus resident, RHA should be the first student organization you join, because you already meet all of the criteria. You just need to start coming to events and meetings. Come out to programs free of charge. Maybe apply for an RHA officer position. Click here to see pictures of past RHA events and volunteer efforts to get an idea of what we're all about.

Come out to RHA Events!

See the "Events" sidebar on the RHA website for upcoming events.  We try to keep this list as updated as possible with future events and activities for on-campus residents.  Splatterbeat, Swampfest, Humans v. Zombies... See you at these traditional events and more.

Attend Weekly RHA Meetings and Bi-Weekly Hall Council Meetings

RHA Meetings:
Tuesdays at 4:30 PM
Randolph Hall, 1st Floor

Every Tuesday, residents meet to discuss hot topics surrounding on-campus living. Students come to the meeting to voice their complaints, help plan upcoming events, or just to see what's going on. The meeting is open to all on-campus residents and it's a pretty laid back atmosphere. Come and contribute or just sit and listen to stay informed and stay involved on campus.

Hall Councils host bi-weekly meetings (every other week) in each residence hall, where free food is served and hot topics are discussed.  This is basically a residence hall-specific version of the larger RHA meetings.  You can participate in RHA by attending Hall Council meetings and you never have to leave your hall.  Meeting days and times vary by hall.  Meeting days and times for each hall will be displayed on the TVs in the elevator lobbies of each floor.

Apply for Officer Positions for the 2015-2016 term!

Hall Council is the best way to get involved with RHA.  Become a student leader by hosting Hall Council meetings in your residence hall. Email for more information on which positions are currently vacant.