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Reporting Maintenance Concerns

All maintenance requests should be reported via the Housing Portal. Click on Room Maintenance in the top menu and report your maintenance concern. You can also report the concern to the front desk agent located at the front desk of your assigned residence hall. You may also report concerns to your RA  or the RA on duty.

Front Desk Phone Numbers:

Baker Hall: 337.482.1851

Bonin Hall: 337.482.6080

Agnes Edwards Hall: 337.482.5004

Coronna Hall: 337.482.2877

Harris Hall: 337.482.2884

Huger Hall: 337.482.2820

Legacy Park: 337.482.1438

The Heritage Apartments: 337.482.1498

The Cottages at Cajun Village: 337.482.1438


Duty Phone Numbers:

Baker Hall: 337.281.3643

Bonin Hall: 337.281.3402

Agnes Edwards Hall: 337.281.3375

Coronna Hall: 337.281.3414

Harris Hall: 337.281.3402

Huger Hall: 337.281.1623

Legacy Park Apartments: 337.281.3338

The Heritage Apartments: 337.247.2931

The Cottages at Cajun Village: 337.247.2931