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Summer Resident Assistants

The Residential Life staff who is serving as the leadership of Legacy Park and Conference Center for the summer semester is:

Madeleine Pouw | Community Director | | Conference Center 389

Legacy Park Resident Assistants (RAs) are:
Donna "Torie" Franklin | Denbo 103A
Ali Erdogan | Voorhies
Aisha Yesufu | Roy 103A
Bryan Wilridge | Trahan 103A

Conference Center Resident Assistants (RAs) are:
Hailey Landry | Conference Center
Jackie Sanvisas | Conference Center 301
Juan "Joey" Casas | Conference Center

Cajun Village Resident Assistant (RA) is:
Kaylee Chapman

The Residential Life staff who is serving as the leadership of Huger Hall and Baker Hall for the summer semester is:

Michael Brisco | Assistant Community Director | | Huger 123

Huger Hall Resident Assistants (RAs) are:
Quinn Duplantis | Huger 405A
Makua Igwe | Huger 137A
Kaitlyn Thompson | Huger 315A

 Baker Hall Resident Assistants (RAs) are:
Olivia Thibodeaux | Baker 137A
Cameron Parsons | Baker

Note: RA On-Duty
There is a RA On-Duty for each of our residence halls. The RA On- Duty is a student staff member available to respond via phone or in person 24 hours a day. There are always RAs On-Duty when the University is open and classes are in session. Although RAs understand their commitment to their communities is comprehensive, it is important that residents and residents’ families understand the RA On-Duty is a student also and should therefore only be utilized as needed (i.e. crisis, emergency situation, lock-outs, etc).

The duty phone numbers for the individual halls are:
Legacy Park: 337.281.3338
Conference Center: 337.281.3375
Huger Hall: 337.281.1623
Baker Hall: 337.284.3439

If you need any emergency assistance, ULPD can be reached at 337.482.6447.