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Renewals and Self-Selection

Renewal Process

Continuing residents may renew their same room space for Academic Year 2023-2024. Remember that you are still in contract for Spring 2023. This is for current residents in Huger Hall, Legacy Park Apartments, and The Heritage Apartments. 

How to Apply

  1. Log in to ULink
  2. Under the Campus Services tab, click the StarRez Housing Portal
  3. Click on Applications in the top menu
  4. Select Academic Year Fall 2023 - Spring 2024
  5. Complete the application

If you have issues, contact the Office of University Housing at or call us at 337.482.6471.

Self-Selection Process

NEW THIS YEAR! Continuing residents have the option to self-select their room for Academic Year 2023-2024. We are putting the power of housing in the student's hands with room self select. During the self-selection timeline, students will be able to log on to the Housing Portal and select their specific room for the upcoming year. No more waiting for the summer to find out your room. You will be able to choose what building, floor, and bed space you want for the next year.


How to Apply

  1.  Log into ULink
  2. On the Campus Services tab, click the StarRez Housing Portal
  3. Click on Applications in the top menu
  4. Select Academic Year Fall 2023 - Spring 2024
  5. Complete the entire application

If you have issues, contact the Office of University Housing at or call us at 337.482.6471. 

Application Deadlines

Type of Application Details Application Timeline
Renew Same Room The Heritage Apartments, Legacy Park Apartments, Huger Hall Nov. 1 - Nov. 8
Room Self Selection The Heritage Apartments, Legacy Park Apartments, Huger Hall, Agnes Edwards 4th Floor Nov. 9 - April 30 
First Time Freshmen Coronna Hall, Bonin Hall, Agnes Edwards Hall, and Baker Hall  Dec. 8 - June 15 (guaranteed housing deadline)


Renewal and Self-Selection FAQs

Online Room Selection is a self-assigning process. Much like choosing an airplane or concert seat, you will be able to select your own bed from a list of available spaces via your online application.

  • What if I cannot choose my preferred room type? Room self-selection is designed to only allow students to pick rooms they are eligible for. If you are not seeing your preferred room type, it means you are either not eligible for that type or there are no more rooms available in that type. Try adjusting your filters to see available rooms. Continue to check our inventory of rooms and you may edit your room if needed.
  • Roommates: During the self selection process, you and your friends can browse available rooms and choose the same room/apartment! There is no official roommate groups, but during the process, you will be able to view roommates in real time. You have time to chat with your roommates and if it is not a good fit then you can return to the application and select another room from other available rooms.

  • What if I don’t see any room types that I want? During the self selection period, room options will fluctuate as residents find their preferred spaces. Keep checking the portal for updates. If you have any concerns you may email

  • What if I cannot find enough open spaces in an apartment/room for me and my roommates? Please email with everyone’s ULIDs and the assignments team will be able to assist.

  • Scholarships: University awarded scholarship recipients will be able to self-select rooms in Huger Hall and Agnes Edwards Hall (4th Floor). There are limited number of Legacy Park spaces reserved for scholarship students each year. Those assignments are based on the original housing application completion date. You can opt in to this waiting list after you continue to the next page.

  • When can I request a room change? Room change requests can be submitted at any time but the Housing Office pauses room changes around move in and through the first two weeks of the semester to allow for updates to the roster after move in.

  • How can I change my roommate? You should submit a room change request and include the name and ULID of the requested roommate. The Housing Office makes every effort to honor all of the student's requests.

  • Rooms or apartments may be subject to reassignment. University Housing has final discretion to alter a student’s selected space in order to consolidate available vacancies to facilitate the self-selection process for other students. Every effort will be made to identify an assignment similar (same room type and/or residence hall) to what the student selected during the Room Self-Selection process.