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Housing & Meal Rates

Academic Year 2016-2017 & 2017-2018* 

*2017-2018 Rates are posted pending approval

Cost of Residence Hall Housing:

Room Type Total Cost (Per Semester) 2016-2017 Total Cost (Per Semester) 2017-2018*
Suite Style Private $4,255.00 $4,381.00
Suite Style Shared $3,000.00 $3,088.00
Junior Suite Shared $2,141.00 $2,204.00
Junior Suite Graduate $2,932.00 $3,019.00
Traditional Shared $2,057.00 $2,117.00




Cost of Apartment Housing:

Room Type Total Cost (Per Semester) 2016-2017 Total Cost (Per Semester) 2017-2018*
One Bedroom Private $6,110.00 $6,293.00
One Bedroom Shared $3,047.00 $3,138.00
Two Bedroom $3,536.00 $3,642.00
Three Bedroom $3,552.00 $3,658.00


Cost of Family Housing:

Room Type Cost per Semester
Cost per Semester
Apartment $3,038.00 $3,130.00

*A meal plan is NOT required for Family Housing

Meal Plan Options:

Name of Meal Plan Inclusions of Meal Plan Price per Semester
Price per Semester
Special Requirements
Cajun Freedom Unlimited Meals + 4 Flex Meals + $75 DB $1,999.00 $2,059.00  
Cajun Select 14 Meals + 4 Flex Meals + $250 DB $1,599.00 $1,647.00  
Cajun Classic 5 Meal Swipes or Meal Solutions + $300 DB $869.00 $895.00 Students MUST be a Legacy Park Resident with 30+ credit hours completed to qualify
Cajun Performance 12 Meals + 5 Training Table Meals + 4 Flex Meals $1,999.00 $2,059.00  
Meal Plan Terminology:

Flex Meals: Meal swipes that can be used at various on campus meal locations for an entree, a side item and a beverage

Meals "Meal Swipes": Meal swipes per week to be used in the Cypress Lake Dining Room located within the Student Union

Meal Solutions: Pre-packed dinner boxes (Raw products to be cooked in the apartments)

Training Table: Performance based meals offered Monday through Friday at the dinner time meal

Declining balance: is a credit amount that can be used at any of UL Lafayette's retail facilities, such as Quiznos and Chick-fil-A, in place of actual dollars. It can be used at any time during the semester. Declining balance points that are included in the meal plan options do roll over from fall semester to spring semester, but not from one academic year to the next.  


Residential students can purchase their meal plans from the Housing Office and off-campus students may purchase their meal plan with Dining Services.