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Spring 2017 Resident Assistants

Be on the lookout for informational sessions to be a Resident Assistant for the Fall 2017 semester.

Resident Assistants are available to lend an ear or extend a helping hand to their student neighbors. Turn to them if you have recurring issues such as roommate complications or persisting maintenance problems or even if you need advice when scheduling your classes. Take the time to meet your Resident Assistant. They’re here to help and are just a phone call away.

Baker | Bonin | Conference Center | Coronna | Harris | Huger | Legacy Park


Front desk: 337-482-1851, Duty phone: 337-281-3439

Megan Major, Community Director, Baker 123
Quinn Duplantis, Assistant Community Director, Baker 153

Resident Assistants:
Olivia Thibodeaux, Baker 137A
Peace Eze, Baker 215A
Ra-chelle Lewis, Baker 235A
Raynesha Patton, Baker 245A
Garrett Mallires, Baker 313A
Devin Minix, Baker 335A
Chandelar Chavis, Baker 345A
​Roland Whitney, Baker 413A
Samuel Harrison, Baker 435A
Denzel Boudreaux, Baker 445A


Front desk: 337-482-6080, Duty phone: 337-315-4057

Nikita Isupov, Community Director, Bonin 121
Adam Boyd, Assistant Community Director, Bonin 156

Resident Assistants:
Sydney Fuller, Bonin 125A
John Hargroder, Bonin 215A
​Benjamin "Ben" Rhone, Bonin 231A
Edochie Emmanuel, Bonin 241A
Leah Hayes, Bonin 315A
Taylor Richard, Bonin 331A
Kaitlyn Thompson, Bonin 341A
​Samuel Dailey, Bonin 415A
Emmanuel Amiewalen, Bonin 431A
Zeke Keirsey, Bonin Bonin 441A

Conference Center

Front desk: 337-482-5004, duty phone: 337-281-3375

Rylan Moss, Community Director, Room 490
MIchael Brisco, Assistant Community Director, Room 390

Resident Assistants:
Cindy Truoug, Conference Center 216
Brianna Pryer, Conference Center 264
Ra-Shawn Lewis, Conference Center 270
Christa Williams, Conference Center 286
Jeffrey Sykes, Conference Center 386
Jackie Sanvises, Conference Center 301
Ali Erodogan, Conference Center 401
Modupeoluw Oni, Conference Center 430
Kadijah Thompson, Conference Center 448
Blacin Doucet, Conference Center 308


Front Desk: 337-482-2877, Duty phone: 337-281-3414

Ellen Skidmore, Community Director, Coronna 141
Hailey Landry, Assistant Community Director, Coronna 111A
Johnathan "Nick" Jarrett, Living Learning Community Graduate Assistant, Coronna 155

Resident Assistants:
Whitney Melancon, Coronna 135A
Vacant, Coronna 219A
Scott Borstede, Coronna 203A
Juan "Joey" Cases, Coronna 239A
​Cameron Parsons, Coronna 247A
Sofiyat Ibrahim, Coronna 319A
Whitney Chavin, Coronna 303A
Jahel Osornio, Coronna 329A
​Rita Onuzuruike, Coronna 337A
Timothy Hillard, Coronna 419A
Smiley Thomas, Coronna 429A
Conner Armand, Coronna 439A


Front Desk: 337-482-2884, Duty phone: 337-315-4057

Madeleine Pouw, Assistant Community Director, Room 205

Resident Assistants:
Amanda Guedry, Harris 326
Abbey Zaunbrecher, Harris 128


Front Desk: 337-482-2820, Duty phone: 337-281-1623

Dwayne "DJ" Joseph, Community Director, Huger 154
Monique Saucier, Assistant Community Director, Huger 123

Resident Assistants:
Makuachukwu "Makua" Igwe, Huger 137A
Kaylee Chapman, Huger 215A
Donna "Torrie" Franklin, Huger 235A
​Hannah Trahan, Huger 245A
Mickel Dunbar, Huger 349A
Angelle Carter, Huger 305A
Ty'nyria Smith, Huger 345A
​Myles Dolillo, Huger 435A
Greyson Higginbotham, Huger 405A
Vacant, Huger 415A

Legacy Park

Office: 337-482-1438 | Monday - Thursday - 8am - 5pm | ​Friday - 8am - 12pm

Duty phone: 337-281-3338 | After Office Closing Time

Ricardo Rojas, Community Director, E.A. Martin 103
Adeoluwa "Ade" Olotu, Assistant Community Director, Caffrey 103A

Resident Assistants:
Betony Stack, Acadian 103A
​Isioma "Izzy" Anazoda, Bancroft 103A
Phillip Brimer, Voorhies 103A
Aisha Yesufu, Roy 103A
Laura Williams, McClough 103A
​Julie DeVenoge Denbo 103A
Clayton Doucet, Callais 103A
Bryan Wilridge, Trahan 103A