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TV Services

UL Lafayette Housing recently partnered with Cox Communications to provide an upgraded cable service to the residence halls. If you bring a TV to your room on campus, you will need to follow these instructions to access all channels.

What channels do I get?

For a full list of channels, download the channel lineup PDF.

How to Set Up Your TV on Campus

All residents’ TVs will need to be re-tuned the first time they’re plugged in on campus. You can usually do that by using an auto-programming or channel scan on your TV.

To re-tune your TV, choose the Standard Cable Setting (where you’ll find this depends on what kind of TV you have). Do not choose Air, Antenna, HRC, or IRC. Once you choose Standard Cable Setting, it will start the scan.

If you get the choice of STD, HRC, or IRC for auto-scanning options, select STD.

This process can take as little as five minutes or as long as 45 minutes. Once the scan is complete, check to see what channels you can see. If you don’t see the channels, your TV may not have a digital tuner built in and you’ll need to purchase additional equipment.

What kind of TV do I need?

You will need a clear-QAM HDTV to connect with the cable. If your TV was manufactured within the last five years, it probably meets the requirement. To test if your TV will work, either:
Look at the manual that came with your TV and look for the phrase “clear QAM capable” or
Google your make and model and look for “clear QAM capable”

If you have a new TV (like Element brand) that won’t connect with the cable, a TV older than five years old, or an analog TV, you will probably need to purchase a digital-to-analog converter box to view the channels. You are responsible for purchasing the converter—University Housing will not provide that for you. Here is an example of a digital-to-analog converter box that has worked in the residence halls. If you are still having trouble with your connection, please contact the Housing office.

Important information for Westinghouse TVs

To set up your Westinghouse TV, you will need to get a manufacturer’s code to start the channel scan. To get your code, choose “Start to scan,” and go to QAM. You should see a phone number to call and retrieve your code. You will need to provide your TV serial number, and then you will receive the code. Enter the code in the TV when you are prompted.

It’s still not working for me

If you tried to do the channel scan using both methods and it’s still not working, contact the IT Service Desk at 337-482-4357.