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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that University Housing can sometimes be confusing so we tried to answer some of the common questions about the process. If you do not see your question answered here, contact us at


  1. Is laundry free? Yes! Residential halls have laundry facilities in each hall and apartments come with washers and dryers. Only the Cottages at Cajun Village have washer/dryer hookups. 
  2. What is Wi-Fi and how reliable is it? The University Wi-Fi is GeauxWifi and is free for all enrolled students and employees. You will log in using your ULID to access it. For on campus residents, we recommend getting an Ethernet cord (Agnes Edwards does not have ethernet ports) to have more reliable access to the internet. Also, do not bring or connect a wireless router. They cause major issues to the wireless network and come with a hefty fine if you are caught using one on campus. For the most part, if the internet is used properly, the internet is reliable across campus.
  3. Do I need renters insurance? We recommend all residents purchase renters insurance to protect their belongings. The University's insurance policy only protects the University's property/facility and not the personal contents in the building. If there is a fire or a flood or other emergency, the University is not liable for the resident's personal belongings.

Application and Assignments

  1. When can I apply for housing? The Housing Office will notify students when they are accepting housing applications. Renewals usually start in November and then first-time freshmen start in December along with all non-continuing residents. 
  2. Am I required to live on campus? First-time freshmen are required to live on campus if they do not live within 40 miles of the UL Lafayette campus with a parent or guardian and are granted an exception by the Housing Office. 
  3. Where do I enter my housing preferences? This is entered on your application in the Housing Portal. You should fill out at least your top three preferences in case we have to move to your second or third choice. 
  4. When will I receive my housing assignment? This varies but this information is sent to the student's University email. This email will have information about their assignment as well as move in information from the Housing Office. 
  5. When can I request a room change? Room change requests can be submitted at any time but the Housing Office pauses room changes around move in and through the first two weeks of the semester to allow for updates to the roster after move in.
  6. Why didn't I get the roommate I requested? There are a few reasons why you weren't assigned with your roommate requests. There are: the students did not choose the same room type, students did not qualify for the room type requested, or the roommate group was not completed properly.
  7. How can I change my roommate? You should submit a room change request and include the name and ULID of the requested roommate. The Housing Office makes every effort to honor all of the student's requests. 
  8. What happens if I have an open space in my room, suite, or apartment? Any unassigned spaces are available for the Housing Office to place another student at any time. You will be notified if another student is assigned in the open space. 
  9. Can I cancel my housing contract? Once an individual has signed the contract on the portal, the student is then placed in a binding contract with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Office of University Housing. If the student wishes to request termination of that binding contract, the student must complete a contract release application form. The student must contact the Housing Office to start this process. Please note that there are penalties and fees for being released from this contract. Contact the Housing Office at for more information on this. 

Living Spaces

  1. What furnishing is included in housing? All halls and apartments come fully furnished including one bed, desk, dresser, and closet or armoire per person. Our apartments have a fully furnished living room with a sofa, chair, barstools, end table, and TV stand. The kitchen is complete with an oven, microwave, refrigerator, garbage disposal, and dishwasher and bedrooms come with a TwinXL bed in Legacy Park and a FullXL bed in Heritage along with other bedroom furniture. 
  2. What should I bring with me? What is not allowed on campus? We have an extensive list of what to bring and what to not bring on our Move In Central page. 
  3. Can I bring a refrigerator or microwave? Our suite style rooms come with a suite refrigerator and microwave, but residents are allowed to bring their personal appliances if they want. Residents in junior suite style rooms will have to bring their own refrigerator and microwave or share with their suitemate. Make sure that the microwaves are under 700 watts and the refrigerator should be 31 inches to fit under the bed. All three apartment communities come furnished with a microwave and refrigerator. Residents are allowed a personal refrigerator in their room if they choose. 
  4. What type of bed will I have? All res halls have Twin XL beds on semi-lofted bed frames. The beds may be lofted for a $100 per semester fee. Legacy Park residents have a Twin XL bed and The Heritage residents will have a Full XL bed. 
  5. Can I loft my bed? Yes, this requires specific tools so this will have to be requested after the student moves in. The fee is $100 per semester. 
  6. What do we do with trash? Residents are required to remove trash from their room or apartment and dispose of it in the appropriate trash receptacle, either dumpsters or trash room. Failure to do could result in a fine or disciplinary action.  
  7. Where do I store my bicycle? UL Lafayette's campus has numerous bike racks located all around campus for bike storage or you may keep your bike in your room with the consent of your roommate(s). We recommend the metal U-bolt-type locks for locking your bike on the racks. 

Meal Plans

  1. Am I required to have a meal plan? Yes, all residents are required to have a meal plan with the exception of The Heritage Apartment residents. All students living in the traditional residence halls are required to purchase a Cajun Freedom Plan or Cajun Select Plan. Students that live in Legacy Park Apartments that have completed thirty (30) semester hours or less are required to purchase a Cajun Freedom or Cajun Select Plan. Students that have completed thirty-one (31) or more semester hours are required to purchase a Cajun Freedom, Cajun Select, or Cajun Classic Plan.
  2. Can I change my meal plan? Yes, within first week of the semester. No meal plan changes will be accepted after that date. 
  3. Do I have to have a meal plan if I have dietary restrictions? Contact the Office of Disability Services to discuss your dietary requirements and how we can accommodate your needs. 

Opening and Closing of Halls and Apartments

  1. What do I do if I need to move in early? Each student is assigned a move in day based on their housing assignment and then the student is able to schedule their move in time. Residents that need to move in early due to University-sponsored activities should contact that program coordinator for information about early move in. If a student has significant circumstances that prevent them from being able to move in on their assigned day, they should fill out the early move in form on the Housing Portal. Please note that you must receive a confirmation email from approving your new appointment time.
  2. Is University Housing open during breaks? Yes, Housing will be open for Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break. Students do not have to move out during these breaks, but there will be limited to no dining options. The housing contract is only for the Fall and Spring semesters so students are required to move out for summer break unless they have a summer contract.
  3. Do I have to move out at the end of the Fall semester? No, housing is open during the Winter Break and students may stay through this time and do not have to move out. 
  4. If I have a Summer contract, do I have to move out at the end of the Spring semester? No, if you are staying in your same room, you do not have to move out of your room at the end of the Spring semester. If you have a summer contract that requires you to move to a different building, you will stay in the Spring room until your Summer room has been cleaned and the Housing Office notifies you that the room is ready for you to move. Please note that you have a set amount of time to move to your new room and this will be stated in the email. 
  5. Can I leave my stuff over the summer if I am returning in the fall? If you are a resident of Legacy Park or Heritage, we have a Summer Storage program that allows you to store your belongings in your room. The requirements include that you submitted a renewal application and will be remaining a resident in the same bedroom and apartment for the next academic year. There is a fee associated with summer storage: the cost for a 2, 3, or 4 bedroom apartment is a non-refundable $150 per bedroom and the cost for a 1 bedroom private apartment is $300. All personal belongings must be stored in the resident’s bedroom, including all living room and kitchen items. Residents will officially check out of the apartment and will NOT be allowed back into the apartment until official Fall check-in. Stay tuned for an email in the Spring semester about how to apply for this program. 

Policies and Procedures

  1. What is the University's Live On Requirement? Recognizing the influence that living within the residence halls can have on a freshmen student, UL Lafayette and the University of Louisiana system require that all freshman students live on campus. Coronna, Bonin, and Baker Halls have been set aside for freshmen to facilitate personal and academic growth. Students living with their parents or guardians within 40 miles of campus may file for an exemption of this requirement. 
  2. What is the University's smoking/tobacco policy? Effective Aug. 1, 2014, smoking and the use of all tobacco products is prohibited within all University buildings, facilities, campus grounds, University vehicles, and all property that is owned, operated, leased, occupied, or controlled by the University, with limited exceptions. This policy includes all on campus facilities. Please review the policy here.
  3. What is the University's alcohol policy? Possession, consumption, sale, manufacture, or furnishing alcoholic beverages in the residence halls/apartments or your room is prohibited. Empty or unopened beer, wine, or liquor bottles or cans are not allowed in halls or apartments including parking lots. 
  4. What is the University's weapons policy? The UL Lafayette campus is a designated Weapons Free Zone. Firearms of any kinds, bullets or other ammunition, knives with blades longer than four inches, switchblades, arrows, oriental weapons, spear guns, BB guns, airsoft guns, water guns, or any type of weapon projectile launchers, etc. are not allowed in any hall or apartment areas including parking lots. 
  5. What do I do if I get locked out of my room? Residents may contact a staff member or RA/CA to unlock their door. Students are subject to a $25.00 lockout charge if a staff member has to unlock the door. 
  6. What if I lose my key? You should immediately report a lost key to building staff. Failure to notify a staff member of a lost key within 24 hours may result in disciplinary action. Students are subject to a $200.00 lock change charge.
  7. Will Housing/Res Life enter my room? Yes! Staff will enter rooms to address emergency situations, make repairs, provide pest control, enforce regulations, and perform semesterly health and safety inspections. Staff members will knock first, and if no one responds, they will identify themselves and enter using the master key. 
  8. Can I have guests? Residential halls and apartments provide housing for University student residents only. Guests are allowed and guests of the opposite sex are allowed during designated visitation hours (Monday-Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.). View our handbook to see our complete guest policy. Note that these policies may be changed due to COVID guidelines. 
  9. When are quiet and courtesy hours? Quiet hours ensure students' rights to an appropriate environment for sleep and study. Quiet hours are in effect from 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. daily. During finals, quiet hours are in effect 24 hours a day. Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day and during this time, students should be respectful of their neighbors and control their noise levels.  

Move In and Move Out

  1. What if I can't make my assigned move in day? Submit the Early Move In form on the Housing Portal (in the menu on the left) to request a different move in day. Please note that you are only granted a different move in day if you receive email approval from
  2. Do I have to unload my car myself? For fall Move In Day, we have a team of hundreds of volunteers over the three days there to assist you with unloading and moving all of your belongings to your room. We have boxes on wheels that you can place your stuff in, then a volunteer brings that box up to your room while you move your car to its designated parking spot. Then you get to go unpack and make the room feel like yours! 
  3. Can I bring a U-Haul to Move In Day? No, our unloading areas cannot accommodate a U-Haul so you will have to park it where you can find space and unload it yourself.