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Resident Assistants (RA)


Resident Assistants are available to lend an ear or extend a helping hand to their student neighbors. Turn to them if you have recurring issues such as roommate complications or persisting maintenance problems or even if you need advice when scheduling your classes. Take the time to meet your Resident Assistant. They’re here to help and are just a phone call away.

There is a RA On-Duty for each of our residence halls. The RA On-Duty is a student staff member available to respond via phone or in person 24 hours a day. There are always RAs On-Duty when the University is open and classes are in session. Although RAs understand their commitment to their communities is comprehensive, it is important that residents and residents’ families understand the RA On-Duty is a student also and should therefore only be utilized as needed (i.e. crisis, emergency situation, lock-outs, etc). 

Baker | Bonin | Agnes Edwards | Coronna | Harris | Huger | Legacy Park | Heritage Apts 

Baker Hall

Front desk: 337-482-1851, Duty phone: 337-281-3643

Owen Torregrosa, Community Director, 1st Floor
Gracie Monceret, Assistant Community Director, 1st Floor

Resident Assistants:
Alannah Wesley, 1st Floor
Amani Dobard, 2nd Floor
India Delvin, 2nd Floor
Madison Davis, 3rd Floor
Nydiah Queen, 3rd Floor
Daphney Wilson, 4th Floor
Katie Olin, 4th Floor


Bonin Hall

Front desk: 337-482-6080, Duty phone: 337-281-3402

Kaley Mestayer, Community Director, 1st Floor
Katherine Callender, Assistant Community Director, 1st Floor

Resident Assistants:
Resident Assistants:
Austyn Gordon, 1st Floor
Chrisitiana Gaines, 2nd Floor
Jocelyn Johnson, 2nd Floor
George Ware, 3rd Floor
Brett Guidry, 3rd Floor
Eric Guidry, 4th Floor
Cameron Hewitt, 4th Floor

Agnes Edwards Hall

Front desk: 337-482-5004, Duty phone: 337-281-3375

Aj Oni, Community Director, 3rd Floor
Alaina Markey, Assistant Community Director, 4th Floor

Resident Assistants:
Payton Lessard, 2nd Floor
Ashanti ALbert, 2nd Floor
Loubert Dagrin, 3rd Floor
Kaden Wallace, 3rd Floor
Gloria Church, 4th Floor
Anthony Umoren, 4th Floor

Coronna Hall

Front Desk: 337-482-2877, Duty phone: 337-281-3414

Dorian Jones, Community Director, 1st Floor
Mya Walgamotte, Assistant Community Director, 1st Floor

Resident Assistants:
Alejandra Rodriguez, 4th Floor
Pilar Carter, 4th Floor
Ciera Malbrue, 3rd Floor
India Flowers, 3rd Floor
Colt Smith, 2nd Floor
Sebastian Fuentes, 1st Floor
Traelyn Brasseaux, 2nd Floor
Robert Gonzalez, 1st Floor

Harris Hall

Duty phone: 337-281-3402

Resident Assistants:
Bryce Bartsch, 1st Floor

Huger Hall

Front Desk: 337-482-2820, Duty phone: 337-281-1623

Blake Cosey, Community Director, 1st Floor
Angel Fisher, Assistant Community Director, 1st Floor

Resident Assistants:
Lanson Foster, 1st Floor
Kristina Hoffmann, 2nd Floor
Katrina Bao, 2nd Floor
Victoria Whitney, 3rd Floor
Jayde Freeman, 3rd Floor
Dante Herbert, 4th Floor
Brennan Callegan, 4th Floor

Legacy Park Apartments

Office: 337-482-1438 | Monday - Thursday - 8am - 5pm | ​Friday - 8am - 12pm

Duty phone: 337-281-3338 | After Office Closing Time

Floyd Pond, Community Director, Bancroft, 1st Floor
Molly O' Regan, Assistant Community Director, Denbo, 1st Floor

Resident Assistants:
Roze Dornellas, Trahan 1st Floor
Onyinyechi Ihesiulo, Voorhies 1st Floor
Tyran Minor, Thibodeaux 1st Floor
Elizabeth Guillory, E.A. Martin 1st Floor
Cameron Hewitt, Callais 1st Floor

The Heritage Apartments

Office: 337-482-1498 | Monday - Friday - 8am - 10pm

Duty phone: 337-247-2931 | After Office Closing Time

Justin Walker, Community Director

Community Assistants:
Jayven Brown
Tonya Quebedaux
Vallen Mouton
Deven Hampton


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