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Fall 2018 Resident Assistants

Be on the lookout for informational sessions to be a Resident Assistant for the Fall 2018 semester.

Resident Assistants are available to lend an ear or extend a helping hand to their student neighbors. Turn to them if you have recurring issues such as roommate complications or persisting maintenance problems or even if you need advice when scheduling your classes. Take the time to meet your Resident Assistant. They’re here to help and are just a phone call away.

Note: RA On-Duty
There is a RA On-Duty for each of our residence halls. The RA On- Duty is a student staff member available to respond via phone or in person 24 hours a day. There are always RAs On-Duty when the University is open and classes are in session. Although RAs understand their commitment to their communities is comprehensive, it is important that residents and residents’ families understand the RA On-Duty is a student also and should therefore only be utilized as needed (i.e. crisis, emergency situation, lock-outs, etc).

Baker | Bonin | Agnes Edwards | Coronna | Harris | Huger | Legacy Park


Front desk: 337-482-1851, Duty phone: 337-281-3643

Quinn Duplantis, Community Director, 1st Floor
Jonathan Alexander, Assistant Community Director, 1st Floor

Resident Assistants:
Sarah Pommier, 1st Floor
Dimond Hall, 2nd Floor
Lauren Anderson, 2nd Floor
Rachel Needham, 2nd Floor
Patrick Jefferson, 3rd Floor
Ben Rhone, 3rd Floor
Nathan Godeaux, 3rd Floor
Deandre Mithcell, 4th Floor
Tyrone Wilkins, 4th Floor
Emmanuel Guidry, 4th Floor 


Front desk: 337-482-6080, Duty phone: 337-281-3402

Adam Boyd, Community Director, 1st Floor
Roland Whitney, Assistant Community Director, 1st Floor

Resident Assistants:
Sam Dailey, 1st Floor
Michael Kemp, 2nd Floor
Yusef Davis, 2nd Floor
Seth Claire, 2nd Floor
Hailey Boutte, 3rd Floor
Abbey Zaunbrecher, 3rd Floor
​Vickie Jacquet, 3rd Floor
Eliza Eligo, 4th Floor
Abigal Kilgore, 4th Floor
Lexis Coleman, 4th Floor

Agnes Edwards Hall

Front desk: 337-482-5004, Duty phone: 337-281-3375

Michael Brisco, Community Director, 4th Floor
Raynesha Patton, Assistant Community Director, 3rd Floor

Resident Assistants:
Amy Conner, 2nd Floor
Patrrica Hull, 2nd Floor
Tremeka Scott, 2nd Floor
Jahel Osorino, 2nd Floor
Alex Jeansonne, 3rd Floor
Jakia Steele, 3rd Floor
Gavin Sexton, 4th Floor
Tycarlous Deberry, 4th Floor
Armani Bailey, 4th Floor
Chris Rising, 4th Floor


Front Desk: 337-482-2877, Duty phone: 337-281-3414

Ra-Chelle Lewis, Community Director, 1st Floor
Troy Walker, Assistant Community Director, 1st Floor
Patricia Jiminez-Arias, Living Learning Community Graduate Assistant, 1st Floor

Resident Assistants:
Judah Crawford, 1st Floor
Benjamin Wills, 2nd Floor
Sharmond Tanner, 2nd Floor
Jase Mayorga, 2nd Floor
​Thomas Holly, 2nd Floor
Emma Frederick, 3rd Floor
Logan Tauzin, 3rd Floor
Brett Hill, 3rd Floor
​Bria Gougisha, 3rd Floor
Cierra Johnson, 4th Floor
Corinna Doucet, 4th Floor
Vanessa Barrios, 4th Floor
Anna Allen, 4th Floor


Front Desk: 337-482-2884, Duty phone: 337-281-3402

Angelle Carter, Assistant Community Director, 2nd Floor

Resident Assistants:
Elizabeth Levy-Folgar, 1st Floor
Julie DeVenoge, 3rd Floor


Front Desk: 337-482-2820, Duty phone: 337-281-3663

Timonthy Hillard, Community Director, 1st Floor
Ra-Shawn Lewis, Assistant Community Director, 1st Floor

Resident Assistants:
Tyrik Washington, 1st Floor
Alyssa Carrier, 2nd Floor
Hannah Landry, 2nd Floor
​Alexis Izaguirre, 2nd Floor
Trihn Tran, 3rd Floor
Ty'nyria Smith, 3rd Floor
Christa Williams, 3rd Floor
​Paytin Williams, 4th Floor
Tyler Holmes, 4th Floor
Denzel Boudreaux, 4th Floor

Legacy Park

Office: 337-482-1438 | Monday - Thursday - 8am - 5pm | ​Friday - 8am - 12pm

Duty phone: 337-281-3338 | After Office Closing Time

Olivia Thibodeaux, Community Director, Trahan 1st Floor
Taylor Richard, Assistant Community Director, Callais 1st Floor
Daniela Rodriguez, Graduate Assistant, E.A. Martin 1st Floor

Resident Assistants:
Nolan Jenson, Bancroft 1st Floor
​Amanda Guedry, Roy 1st Floor
Ali Erdogan, Voorhies 1st Floor
Vacant, Roy 1st Floor
Francisco Farrera, Caffery 1st Floor
Betony Stack, Denbo 1st Floor
Bryan Wilridge, McCullough 1st Floor
Letitia Jacques, Acadian 1st Floor