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UL Lafayette Move-In Central

Come home to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette! Move-in day for freshmen is Sunday, August 18, 2019. Our Move-In Central will give you an in-depth look at move-in day and your first week on campus. Share your move-in day experience with #ULivehere and on Snapchat!

Upperclassmen move-in day is Saturday, August 24-25, 2019.

Freshman Move-In Day

On Move-In Day, you’ll have your belongings unloaded and then you will check in at the Student Union. Volunteers will move all of your things to your room for you. During check in, you’ll receive your room key, and then you are welcome to go to your room.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? You can always call us at 337-482-6471 or email

How to Prepare for Move-In

The more prepared you are for move-in day, the smoother and easier it will

Make sure all of your items are in a box, bag, or sealed container. Label all of your boxes and containers with your name, hall, and room number. Your hall and room number are listed on the StarRez housing portal, if you forget.

Keeping loose items to a minimum and labeling all of your containers will help our volunteers make sure all of your stuff gets to your room without confusion.

If you have larger, fragile items like TVs, pack them in the box you purchased them in.

If you have items that are too large to fit into a box, like extra furniture, you don’t need to label it. Our volunteers will not be able to move extra furniture, and you’ll be responsible for moving it into your room at the end of the day after everyone else has been moved in.

Don’t pack your smaller valuables, like your cash, wallet, computer, or expensive jewelry. Put those things in a backpack that you can carry with you until you get to your room.

Recommended Packing List


  • Bedding (Twin XL size)
  • Storage containers for under your bed
  • High efficiency laundry detergent (the pods work great!) and dryer sheets
  • Laundry baskets (find one with wheels, if you can)
  • White sticky tack/dorm tape/Command strips for hanging decor (but note that Command strips can damage walls if not removed properly)
  • Plunger
  • Microwave/mini fridge (if living in Conference Center or Harris Hall. Must be 31" or les to fit under the beds)
  • Toiletries: toilet paper, shower curtain, personal items, towels
  • Clothing hangers
  • Door mirror
  • Alarm clock
  • Laptop and printer (though there are computer labs across campus)
  • Dishes and utensils for cooking
  • Power strips
  • Pad lock for your armoire


  • Pets of any kind (even fish bowls!)
  • Wi-fi routers (you will be charged a $200 fine every time you're caught using one!)
  • Pull-up bars
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Hover boards (campus-wide policy)
  • Vape, tobacco or alcohol (campus-wide policy)
  • Exposed heating elements like toasters or coffee pots (if it gets red, it’s a no-no)
  • Weapons (campus-wide policy)

Dorm Decor & Decorating

Need ideas for dorm decor? Check out the Ragin’ Room Decor board on UL Lafayette’s Pinterest.

If you want to decorate your walls without messing up the paint (so you aren't charged for damage to the room!), we suggest bringing the Command strips, white sticky tack, or you can get Dorm Tape, which is durable double-sided tape that won’t damage the walls, from the Ragin’ Cajuns Store. Blue sticky tack will stain the walls.

You will not be able to hang your TV on the wall! Make sure you bring a stand for it.

Contact Your Roommate

You’ll get an email the week of August 1 with your roommate’s name and email address. If you don’t know them already, it’s a good idea to get in touch with them—email works, but a lot of people use Facebook, too.

So you don’t end up having two of everything, you need to decide who will bring a TV, decorative shower curtain, phone, and other shared items.

Check out our tips for relating to your roommate.

What Documents Do I Need to Bring With Me?

You will receive an email with your unload time and checklist. Have that email pulled up to help you navigate through Move-In.

You will also need to have your Cajun Card on you when you're unloading and going through the check-in process.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

You need to know your unloading time. Please stick to the time you have been assigned.

Tuition and fees are due according to University payment schedule. If not paid in full, a payment plan and the first installment must be made by the due date set in the University payment schedule. For more info, visit the Student Cashier Center’s website.

What Move-In Day Will Look Like

Cajuns tag

On move-in day, you’ll have all of your things unloaded and moved into your room, and then you’ll check in at the Student Union.

Unloading & Moving Your Stuff

Everyone will receive an email with their unloading time. When it becomes your unloading time, you’ll need to drive your car to the line for your residence hall.

Note: Your vehicle must have a driving clearance under 8 feet. You will be driving under covered areas—if your vehicle doesn't fit, you will be redirected.

Once you’re in the unloading line, your car will be directed to your unloading spot. Do not turn off the car, and the driver should not get out.

Our volunteers will unload all of your packed items, place them in a moving dolly and take everything to your room for you. It is very important that all of your items are boxed or in containers that are labeled with your name, hall and room number.

Parking After Unloading

After your items have been unloaded, you’ll be directed to park your car, and then you’ll go to the Student Union for check-in.

If you moved into Coronna, Bonin, or Harris halls, you will park in the Taft Street Parking Tower.
If you moved into Baker or Huger halls, you will park in the Olivier Parking Tower.
If you moved into the Agnes Edwards Hall, you will park in the E.K. Long lot or in the Girard Park Circle Parking Tower (also known as the Stokes Parking Tower).

Traffic Flow

Rex Street will still be one-way, but it will be reversed from its normal direction. Traffic will flow one way from Lewis Street to St. Mary Boulevard.

Rose Garden Map: Bonin, Coronna & Harris Halls

Taft Street Map: Baker & Huger Halls

Southwest Main Map: Agnes Edwards Hall

When You Check Inroom key

After your items have been unloaded from your car, you’ll be directed to park. If you are a student, park in the lot corresponding to your residence hall (listed above). All other cars will be directed to the Girard Park/Stokes Parking Tower. From there, you’ll go to the Student Union for check-in.

Check in will happen in the foyer of Bayou Bijou, where you’ll get your name tag and watch a video about life on campus. Parents are welcome to watch the video, or they can opt to meet their student at the end of check-in. A hospitality room in the Student Union will be available for all parents assisting with move-in.

After the video in Bayou Bijou, you’ll get your room key, your post office box key, and you’ll be able to buy your student parking pass (if you have not purchased one already). From there, you’ll go to the community fair, where you can learn more about student organizations, University offices and services, and businesses from the community.

Getting To Your Roomdorm room door

After the community fair, you’re welcome to go to your room and unpack, or you can leave campus and come back later.

How Do I Find My Residence Hall?

To help you find your residence hall, there will be signs in the Student Union directing you to your hall. You can also download the UL Lafayette app and use the map there or download the campus map.

What Do I Need to Do When I Get There?

When you get to your room, you will complete a Room Condition Inventory form through the StarRez Housing Portal. If there are any issues with your room, you will be able to request maintenance from your housing portal.

Unpacking Your Boxes

After you've unpacked your boxes, break down the boxes and bring them to the recycling bins, which are located outside every building.

What Will Be In My Room?

In every room, there is one desk, bed, dresser, and closet or armoire per person.

Of course, all of the boxes and containers that were unloaded from your car will also be in your room by this time.

You can see the other amenities for your hall here:

What If I Want to Change Roommates?

If you want to change roommates, swapping rooms won’t happen until after the first two weeks. There will be an online form you can fill out, but it won't be available until after the first two weeks.

What If I Want to Loft My Bed?

You can put in a request to loft your bed, but the requests will not be fulfilled until after the first two weeks after move-in day.

There will be a $100 per semester fee associated with lofting your bed.

Other Things to Do

Hungry? The Student Union Cypress Lake Dining Hall will be open for lunch on Move-In Day.

Need more Ragin’ Cajuns gear? The Ragin’ Cajuns Store in the Student Union will be open!

There is also a parent hospitality room in the Student Union, where parents can relax while students go through check-in.

Want to know more about campus? Take our hidden gems campus tour!

First Week on Campus

Welcome to your new home!

What Is There to Do?

Check out all the Freshman Week activities happening.

During your first week, you are required to attend your floor meeting. Your RA will give you more information about this as it gets closer.

When Do Classes Start?

First day of classes for freshmen is Thursday, August 22. We're looking forward to a great year, Ragin' Cajuns!

Where Do I Eat?

There are tons of dining options on and around campus.

See all the on-campus dining options, which accept your declining balance (from your meal plan) and Cajun Cash.

Some off-campus restaurants offer a discount with your University ID through the Red Dot Discount program. See all of the restaurants and businesses that will give you a discount.

Have Questions?

Your Resident Assistant (RA) is the best person to talk to about living on campus. They can give you advice, help with any issues that come up with your roommate, and answer any questions you may have.

Your Building Manager oversees the business operations and facility needs in your hall. If you have any housing questions, you can direct them to your building manager and they can help guide you in the right direction!

For all other questions, contact the Office of University Housing at 337-482-6471 or at