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COVID-19 Information

The health and safety of our students, employees, and visitors are of the utmost importance to the University. The Office of University Housing has assessed possible risks and developed the following protocols and procedures to help mitigate those risks.

The Office of University Housing and Residential Life wants to hear from you. If you have questions or concerns regarding how we are handling safety for COVID-19, contact us via email or call 337-482-6124.

Visit the University's COVID-19 response website for more information about how the University is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring the health of all students and employees.

What's on this page

Clarifying Student Expectations for Housing

Students will be responsible for complying with University public health policies as described in their UL Lafayette Housing contract. Failure to comply may render the student unable to participate in residence hall activities and/or may result in a referral to Student Rights and Responsibilities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Physical distancing
  • Compliance with isolation/quarantine protocols
  • Use of personal protective equipment, including face coverings
  • Communication of COVID-19 situations through the online self-reporting form

Housing Health and Safety

We know that your health and safety are of the utmost importance as you weigh your options for the upcoming year. Here are some of the measures we're taking.

Masks are Required

Anyone entering a residence hall/apartment building (including residents) must wear a mask while in public spaces.

be a hero. wear a mask.

Increased Cleaning Efforts

  • All common spaces and high touch point areas such as elevator buttons, water fountains, door handles, public restrooms, and laundry rooms will be cleaned at an increased frequency.
  • Signage is placed on every suite/jr suite/apartment entrance door as well as suite/jr suite/apartment bedroom doors explaining how students should self-report COVID-19 symptoms/issues.
  • Residents should bring their own cleaning supplies to clean all spaces within suite/jr suite/apartment. Here are some tips for cleaning your room.


  • Some residence hall spaces have been taken offline to be used as isolation/quarantine spaces for residents that decide to isolate/quarantine on campus.
  • Resident MUST follow the university’s isolation/quarantine policy, or they will be asked to move off campus. View the student COVID-19 quarantine and isolation form.
  • Residents must self-report if in contact with a positive person, feels symptoms, or has tested for COVID-19 (meaning the resident has taken a COVID-19 test but has not received the results yet). This is an online process. A cling with the URL is on every suite/jr suite/apartment mirror as well as suite/jr suite/apartment bedroom mirrors explaining how students should self-report COVID-19 symptoms/issues.
  • Housing, Residence Life, Student Affairs, and Student Health Services will work with any resident that needs to isolate/quarantine.

​Room Changes

  • If a resident decides to move to another room, isolation/quarantine students would only move the necessary items needed during the isolation/quarantine period, not all of their belongings.
  • When one resident is involved, the resident will be assigned to a new, clean space and move within two hours to a new room.
  • When two or more residents are involved, residents will move one-at-a-time into a clean space. Residents will be given two-hour windows to move. NOTE: Students cannot “swap” rooms. All rooms would need to be cleaned by Housing custodial staff before another resident can move into that room.

Common Spaces

  • All common spaces are open. However, social distancing is required. This includes but is not limited to lounge spaces, fitness areas, study rooms.
  • Cleaning efforts will continue and be increased in these spaces.
  • Only two people are allowed at a time in the elevators.

Staff Training

All Housing and Residence Life Staff have and will continue to be trained on all safety protocols and guidelines from the university, the city/state/federal governments, and health officials as they pertain to COVID-19.

Residential Life

All of our programs will follow the CDC guidelines. We will have a mixture of face-to-face programs with social distancing guidelines as well as interactive virtual programs.

You can look forward to participating online with trivia, grocery bingo, movie nights, video tournaments, and cooking demonstrations with your RA. All of our roommate agreements will be completed online. Residents will have one-on-one meetings with their RAs via an app called Teams. We look forward for to you attending programs and winning prizes, while making friends and learning about all the resources available for you to make your experience at UL Lafayette successful.

Move-in Fall 2021

Fall move-in is August 19 – 21. All residents receive a specific date/time to check-in, which can be found in the StarRez Housing Portal on the Academic Year 2021 – 2022 Application status page.


As required by the University, residents will be required to wear a mask in any common areas of the residence halls/apartment complex and anywhere on campus. All residents/non-residents are to practice social distancing as best as they can and must wear masks while moving in. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you.

  • Check-in time: For social distancing purposes, a specific check-in date/time will be posted on the resident’s StarRezHousing Portal page. Failure to follow the specific date/time will result in an extended wait.
  • Only two people are allowed at a time in the elevators.
  • Each resident is allowed two non-residents to assist with move-in. There will be large bins on wheels that can be used to transport heavy objects to your room.
  • Cars cannot be in the unloading area for more than 20 minutes. Once items are removed from the vehicle, the vehicle must be moved to the designated parking areas.
  • Anyone with a fever at or above 100.4 or other COVID-19 symptoms should not check into the residence halls/apartments. If you are sick, please do not come to campus. You can contact our office at to speak to someone about a later check-in date/time window.
  • If you are part of SOUL Camp A, SOUL Camp B, Band, an athletic group, or any other group, a different check-in date and time will be sent to you by the group as soon as that information is finalized.


Packing for college may feel intimidating and you may not know what to bring. A good rule of thumb is to bring what will make your space feel like home. Listed below are a few suggestions. View a more extensive packing list.

Items to bring:

  • Bedding (Twin XL size)
  • Storage containers for under your bed
  • High-efficiency laundry detergent (the pods work great!) and dryer sheets
  • Laundry baskets (find one with wheels, if you can)
  • White sticky tack/dorm tape/Command strips for hanging decor (but note that Command strips can damage walls if not removed properly)
  • Plunger
  • Microwave/mini fridge (if living in Agnes Edwards Hall, must be 31" or less to fit under the beds)
  • Toiletries: toilet paper, shower curtain, personal items, towels
  • Clothing hangers
  • Door mirror
  • Alarm clock
  • Smart TV with a firestick or an Amazon TV
  • Laptop and printer (though there are computer labs across campus)
  • Dishes and utensils for cooking
  • Power strips
  • Padlock for your armoire
  • Collapsible rolling cart to move items into buildings/can also be used to bring groceries and supplies to/from building to vehicle
  • Thermometer
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Facial coverings: several because they should be washed frequently
  • Cleaning wipes for living space
  • A container that can hold up to 14 days of clothes and supplies for IF isolation/quarantine is needed

Items not to bring:

  • Pets of any kind (even fishbowls!)
  • Wi-fi routers (you will be charged a $200 fine every time you're caught using one!)
  • Pull-up bars
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Hoverboards (campus-wide policy)
  • Vape, tobacco, or alcohol (campus-wide policy)
  • Exposed heating elements like toasters or coffee pots (if it gets red, it’s a no-no)
  • Weapons (campus-wide policy)