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Fall 2020 Floor Meeting Agenda

Top Things to Know While Living on Campus

Duty Phone Numbers - Each building has a RA-on-duty 24/7 that can assist you with resources that you need in the residence halls. The RAs and the phone numbers can be found here.

  1. If you need something fixed, complete a maintenance report on StarRez via Ulink.
  2. Communicate with your roommates. Roommate agreements are due on September 12th
  3. No guests are allowed in the residence halls and apartments at this time.
  4. Masks must be worn within the residence halls and apartments at all time while also maintaining social distancing.
  5. Review the on-campus living handbook and the university code of conduct. Here is the code of conduct & here is the living on-campus handbook.
  6. Remember to read all email from your university email.
  7. No loud music or soliciting in parking lots.
  8. Your RAs are here for you - get to know them.
  9. In the residential halls, scan your Cajun Card at the front desk.
  10. Quiet hours start from 10pm-10am.
  11. For Legacy Park, RA programs will take place in Cafe Fluer De Lis. In Agnes Edwards, RA programs will take place on first floor lobby.
  12. Download the RaveGuardian App.