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Move In Appointments

All residents must schedule a move-in appointment in order to check-in. Residents will be notified via their University email of their Fall 2022 assignment. In this email, you will receive information about how to schedule your move in appointment. Please note that you are assigned a move in day and you get to choose a move in time of that day. Residents will select their move-in appointment online on the Housing Portal. The deadline to schedule your appointment is August, 4, 2022. If you fail to schedule an appointment by then, one will be assigned to you by the University Housing office. Appointments may be rescheduled if your travel plans change.

On the week of move in, you will receive a reminder email. Read that email closely for important updates. NOTE: If you are part of SOUL Camp A, SOUL Camp B, Band, an athletic group, or any other approved group that will check in before August 18, 2022, the coordinator of the program has already coordinated a move in date/time. Contact Program Coordinator for specific move in times.

See the step-by-step instruction video below for how to schedule this appointment: