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Summer Contract for Individual Participants

ATTENTION: RENEW CONFERENCE/Catholic Diocese of Lafayette: DEADLINE for room reservations is TUESDAY 7/30/2019 by 5:00pm: Level of service for this event is default to Level III.

This web form is to be utilized for the camps/conferences who wish to have their participants register on an individual basis. This is the final step once the initial request has been made and the point of contact has agreed to this process.

Upon completion of this web form, you will receive a confirmation of your request. Please allow 5 business days for our summer camps/conference coordinator to verify the request and correspond back to you.

Available Levels of Service

The following are the different levels of service that we offer.
(To be chosen from on the web form when asked for preference in level of service)

  Level of Service Single Rate Double Rate
 I Daily Cleaning $41.00 $31.00
 II Daily Cleaning, Sheets and Towels $63.00 $53.00
 III Daily Cleaning, Sheets and Towels, Pillows and Blankets $73.00 $63.00


Only to be used for assignment purposes
To be used in the event that payment is not made before departure.
Standard Check in time is 3 PM
Standard check out time is 12 PM
The prices for the different Room Types can be found above in the chart.
The prices for the different levels of service can be found above in the chart.
Please list the First and Last Name of the individual that you would like to room with. If you have no preference, please leave it blank and you will be assigned with someone else with no preference.