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Housing Requirement

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette follows the University of Louisiana System policy that requires that all unmarried, full-time undergraduate students, regardless of age or emancipation status, live in campus residence halls as long as space is available.

The policy further states that if a college or university cannot provide adequate housing for students in this category, exemptions may be granted.

The following groups of individuals would receive priority for exemptions based on seniority of official classification through the University.

1. Graduates
2. Seniors
3. Juniors
4. Sophomores
5. Freshmen*

In general, based on availability of housing on campus, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette enforces only Freshmen to reside on campus.

*Freshmen who may be approved to receive exemptions must be able to show documented proof that they are living with parents or legal guardian within a 40 mile radius of campus and commute daily.


View The University of Louisiana System Policy.